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Adventure Bucket is located just 20 minutes Dehradun City, in the Dehradun, Uttrakhand. If you are looking to experience the thrill paragliding without having any previous experience, tandem paragliding is a great choice for you. After only 15 minutes of instruction, you will be ready to do a tandem paragliding with your expert instructor. You will experience thermal flight on your first jump for up to a minute!. This can only be achieved from 4000 feet.

Video and Photo

Be sure to book the video and photos option for your tandem paragliding adventure!. You will never be able to repeat the feelings of your “first fly”, the experience, the adrenaline, the peaceful feeling, and the freedom, but you can share it with family and friends and re-live it as many times as you want.

  • GoPro Camera with 4K Videos ( Charges Extra Rs. 500/- Per Person).
  • 40+ hi-resolution digital images.

During Paragliding Tandem Ride:

  • Standard Land Transport
  • Off Roading Vehicle
Safety & Precautions for Paragliding Tandem Ride
  1. Licensed and Experienced Piolets.
  2. Certified Equipment, that is inspected before and after every flight.
  3. Rescue para-shoot.
  4. First Aid, Search and Rescue are always on stand-by.
  5. License by Uttarakhand Tourism Department.
  • Minimum age of 14 years. Those under 18 must have parental consent either by a notarized signature on our paragliding membership form and fitness form OR the parent must come on the day of the jump and sign the forms in person with their ID to support it.
  • If you are aged 65 years or over, you will need your doctor to sign and stamp a paragliding medical form. Without this form, you are unable to fly.
  • The weight limit with clothes and shoes on is 95 kg, each person is weighed when they check in on the day of the fly. The weight has to be measured with clothes and shoes. Notice that we also take into consideration the BMI and this should be lower than 30.
  • The instructor is properly licensed and this license includes Third Party Liability insurance which covers him/her and his/her passenger in the case of negligence. Therefore in the case of any injury that would require medical attention the passenger would cover the costs until responsibility is established.
  • Do not drink alcohol before your paragliding.
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